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With the environmental and climate conditions deteriorating in the globe, there is a growing concern for green economies and green jobs. So people started focusing on green sectors such as renewable energy but we believe that it is also important to focus on greening the existing businesses such as the fashion industry.

This initiative promotes rural innovation. We train rural communities to design and manufacture Eco-friendly fashion accessories and apparel, promoting traditional occupations and businesses in a digital era using technology. We also help the communities to set up GREEN businesses while some people sell through our social enterprise Dame & Earl, which is set up to exclusively sell the Eco-friendly products manufactured by these communities. Our work targets to raise young leaders & entrepreneurs in rural communities and to limit the threats of climate change on clean water, forest cover, and land by creating green jobs and reducing emissions.  

This initiative contributes to mitigating climate change, promoting financial independence and reducing inequalities (gender-based and income-based) among communities. We also help in the preservation of local art-forms and culture through the products.  Till now we have impacted over 1000 women & youth from rural communities most of who are financially independent and have broken the gender-based stereotypes in their respective communities. 

Issues tackled:

  1. Existing skill gaps between youth and employers

  2. High unemployment rates of women & youth

  3. Climate change and environmental issues due to the fashion industry

  4. Inequalities (gender and income-based)

  5. Environmental effects caused by plastics

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