Awareness rising and capacity building

Tackling the Issue

What we do ?

Through this initiative, we aim to increase awareness and educate communities about how and why to take action for the SDGs. We maximize the potential of people to understand the SDGs, to take action at an individual and community level and to encourage other stakeholders to take action for achieving SDGs. Our key focus in this initiative is on young people. We have conducted numerous sessions in various institutions in different regions. Till date, we have interacted with and engaged 10000+ youth through this initiative.

How we do ? 

We facilitate activities for young people to enhance their understanding, knowledge, and skills in relation to sustainable development, meaningful engagement, and the UN system. We adopt innovative methods using mediums such as games, art, music etc to engage people in an efficient way to promote learning with fun. We also encourage and guide the students to come up with innovative initiatives or projects which could implemented at the local level. Some of the projects are later implemented in the appropriate communities. This initiative helps us to actively engage students in taking action for SDGs.

We also provide young people with a platform that encourages them to lead, join, showcase, and share innovative and effective actions addressing the needs of people and the planet.

In this initiative, we also conduct behavioural change sessions for students to promote a sustainable lifestyle from a very young age which is proving to be very successful.